Staff & Board

Meet our team!

Our Staff

Executive Director

Kaji Reyes | he/him
[email protected]

Kaji works collectively with our staff and board to manage the well-being of Durham For All (D4A) through organizational and leadership development, fundraising, and long-term visioning. Kaji is fiercely committed to relationships with those around him. He strives to be nurtured and nudged by his people and to be in struggle to find a path towards our collective liberation. 

At heart, Kaji is a QTPOC (Queer Trans Person of Color) desert rat from Tucson, Arizona. He found his way to Durham by way of the economic crisis of 2008. Kaji has ten years of experience across a gamut of community organizing issues and knows the critical role electoral organizing plays in building grassroots political power that lasts. His previous role was as the Leadership Development Director for PowerUp NC, where he developed training curriculum and organized field plans for directors and organizers across the state. He has been a member of D4A since its founding in 2016.

Lead Organizer

Whitney Maxey |  she/her
[email protected]

Whitney (she/her) leads and supervises the design, implementation, and learning for our campaigns, organizing model, and base-building approach. She believes in the power and potential of communities of color and their allies to create systemic change by harnessing the power of elections.

Her experience in social justice organizations began in Florida and spans over more than a decade working in issue areas from anti-gentrification to immigration rights. Whitney enjoys the outdoors and a good book.

Community Organizer 

Shanise Hamilton | she/her
[email protected]

Shanise recruits, trains, and manages member leaders and volunteers for D4A’s campaign organizing and voter engagement work. This includes running phone banks, text banks, canvassing, and Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) events, as well as developing members to build the political power of people of color and poor & working-class people. Shanise kicked off her organizing with D4A during our 2018 Decriminalize Durham campaign and is committed to the strategy of electing progressives into office who are aligned with our vision and values. She is dedicated to raising the voices and lived experiences of those most affected by systems of oppression.

Shanise is a native of Durham, North Carolina, and she deeply thanks this community for equipping her with the tools to thrive even when the cards were stacked against her. She comes from a background in media and was graced with the opportunity to share her story of finding power on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts. After teaching media to children in New York, Shanise returned home to build power with her community through D4A. Shanise is a lover of music and all things Black, and she is the proud mother of Shah Alexander.

Community Organizer 

Ociele Hawkins | she/her
[email protected]

Ociele recruits, trains, and manages member leaders and volunteers for D4A’s campaign organizing and voter engagement work. This includes running phone banks, text banks, canvassing, and Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) events, as well as developing members to build the political power of people of color and poor & working-class people. Because Ociele has experienced the far right’s strategic use of poverty and racism to prevent us from building a powerful multiracial, cross-class movement, she is committed to D4A’s plan of bringing all of us together to fight for what we deserve—to live dignified lives.

Ociele is a Black non-binary butch queen from South Philadelphia. She has organized high school students around education justice, led intensive electoral canvassing operations, and fought against gentrification for affordable housing in her childhood neighborhood. She loves the art of interviewing, basketball, and movies that make her cry.

Interim Deputy Director

Anthony J. Maglione | he/him
[email protected]

Anthony is one of the 2016 founding members of D4A and has helped develop the organizational systems, structures, and support for our staff and members to deepen our leadership and impact. He currently manages campaign organizing, communications, operations, and finances. Anthony is grateful for how D4A is an invitation to deepen in personal transformation and leadership while building a political home and community that fights for all of us.

Anthony has over a decade of experience in local social justice work, including student-worker campus organizing, census and redistricting mobilization, care management within community health centers, youth instruction and leadership development, and electoral organizing. He loves: cooking meals his Puerto Rican abuela and southern Italian nonna taught him, being a trickster, and receiving daily reminders from kiddos and nature about the many delights of life.

Data & Digital Organizer

Nahid Soltanzadeh | they/them
[email protected]

Nahid manages our data systems and leads our digital organizing efforts to better integrate our data-driven electoral work with our relational organizing work both online and offline. Their obsession with stories and narratives as powerful forces for dismantling oppressive systems fuels their passion for digital organizing, cultural campaigning, and healing justice.

Nahid is a queer nonbinary immigrant from Tehran, Iran. After moving around the east coast for a while, they found a political home in Durham For All as a member leader soon after they moved to Durham. A Kairos Fellowship alum, Nahid has worked as a digital organizer at the intersections of tech justice, militarism, policing and surveillance, systemic Islamophobia, and prison industrial complex. Before arriving at digital organizing, they have been a teacher, an online facilitator, an educational consultant, a babysitter, a caregiver, and a poet.

Operations & Finance Manager

Jae Slaughter | she/her
[email protected]

Jae manages our operational and financial systems to keep our organization running smoothly. Having witnessed from near and far the impact of alienation and chronic trauma on our capacity to be organized, she is deeply grateful to work with D4A. Jae is inspired by the use of storytelling, daydreaming, empathetic relationship building, and grassroots mobilization in the fight for tangible change.

Since moving to Durham to be closer to family (she has three amazing younger siblings and two caring parents), Jae has been in a place of deep learning and reflection. Her past experiences in electoral politics, youth and student organizing, and arts-based facilitation practices have exposed her to a wide array of radical tools for personal and collective healing. Outside of work, Jae likes to watch cartoons, journal vigorously, practice Youtube dance choreography, and skate in circles on her recently thrifted rollerblades.

Our Board

Mel Norton, Co-Chair (she/her)

Justine Oller, Co-Chair (she/her)

David Roswell, Treasurer (he/him)

Carolina Alzuru (she/her)

Dove Kent (she/her)


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