What we do

Most issue-based organizing lacks a path to political power. Most electoral campaigns end after election day. Our goal is to harness the two, building a powerful movement that can both elect officials and hold them accountable.
— Sendolo Diaminah, Campaign Manager of Decriminalize Durham

Durham for All is an independent political organization building a new majority 10,000 people strong in our city and county.

Why 10,000? 10,000 is the number of people a progressive Durham needs to elect local officials and hold them accountable to our vision of a Durham with homes, education, economy, sanctuary and democracy for all.

What is the new majority? Durham’s new majority will be a multiracial, cross-class progressive movement led by people of color and working-class people.

We take action together at the ballot box and in the streets to win back our government and put it to work – for all of us. Each year, we take on a new campaign. In 2018, our current campaign is to Decriminalize Durham.

We vote together

Every local election, we march to the polls to make voting a community practice that shows our power. Join us!

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We take action together

To defeat the far right, we all need to be in. Deepen your leadership, build new skills, and organize across race & class as we win political power.

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We fund our movement together

The work of winning political power is sustained by the grassroots. Contribute monthly to bring our people out of isolation and into collective purpose.

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