Durham for All | Vision and Mission

Read our 2017 vision for building a Durham for all in the 10K Strong section.


Our vision is of a Durham For All!

  • an alternative economic development model for how Durham is run, in contrast to self-interested developers and corporations
  • a practice of participatory democracy that demands equity and confronts two separate, unequal Durhams which only serve a privileged few

We envision a Durham that:

  • grows through inclusion
  • confronts disparity and demands equity
  • governs based on progressive principles of racial, economic, and environmental justice
  • is rooted in working class people of color communities
  • focuses on our local level while being grounded in a systemic analysis that responds to changing conditions at all levels
  • creates replicable city-scale projects that can impact and shift the balance of power at the state and national levels


Durham For All's mission is to develop and maintain a political vehicle rooted in and led by working class people of color that builds political power to win. To accomplish this, we will:

  • use neighborhood, place-based organizing
  • engage in both electoral politics and issue-based campaigns
  • explore solidarity economies, people's assemblies, and creative engagement
  • develop and implement a broad progressive agenda, vision, and narrative for how Durham should be organized, in opposition to corporate & development power
  • unite and cohere an array of multi-racial, progressive political forces in Durham so that we can collectively win!