Durham for All | Where Do the Candidates Stand?

Where Do the Candidates Stand?

Durham for All will make our endorsements on May 5th at the start of our March-to-the-Polls event. But we’ve been gathering information on candidates around each of our priorities, based on candidates’ past actions, candidate questionnaires, and responses at our election forum. Stay tuned for updates to this part of our page!

District Attorney Candidates

Ending Mass Incarceration

We are excited that Deberry and Echols believe in ending mass incarceration and commit to stopping the over-prosecution of minor offenses.

Deberry, however, has committed to the boldest approaches, including refusing to prosecute marijuana possession except in trafficking cases. Echols has already implemented important programs for diversion and alternatives to incarceration. Meier, however, is not committed to ending prosecution of people for "quality of life" conduct like urination that is the result of poverty and homelessness.


Satana Deberry |  Roger Echols   |   Daniel Meier


Using Prosecutor Power for Justice & Safety

All candidates believe that the cash bail system unfairly punishes poor people who have not been convicted of a crime and have committed to its reform. All candidates also are committed to ensuring that the rights of non-citizens are protected and refugee and immigration status are taken into account when deciding how to use prosecutor power.


Satana Deberry |  Roger Echols   |   Daniel Meier


Equity, Transparency & Accountability

All candidates committed to meeting with a committee of our coalition to ensure accountability. Only Deberry has committed to requiring prosecutors seeking incarceration to state and justify the costs of imprisonment.


Satana Deberry |  Roger Echols   |   Daniel Meier


Sheriff Candidates

Ensure Justice in Jail Oversight

Birkhead has committed not to honor ICE detainers and to evaluate all contracts with companies providing jail services, beginning with the mental and physical health contract.

In the past year, under Sheriff Andrews, there have been 6 preventable deaths in the Durham jail, continued coordination with ICE, and serious problems with the company providing healthcare. Andrews has refused to address these issues.


 Mike Andrews             |        Clarence Birkhead


Ending Mass Incarceration

Birkhead has committed to deprioritize low-level misdemeanors, including low-level drug offenses. While Birkhead is not committed to removing deputies from public schools, he has promised to end the practice of using sheriff deputies for school discipline issues.

Andrews did not return our calls, but has publicly criticized decriminalization efforts and attacked Birkhead for taking a stand to end mass incarceration.


 Mike Andrews             |        Clarence Birkhead


Advocate for Just Public Policy

Birkhead has believes that the cash bail system is wrong because it keeps poor people in jail simply because they can’t afford to pay their way out. He has committed to advocacy to eliminate or minimize cash bail.

Andrews has taken no public position on ending the cash bail system.


 Mike Andrews             |        Clarence Birkhead