Co-Director Job Announcement

Apply to join our team!

Durham for All is in a period of tremendous growth, transition, and opportunity and we are looking to add a new senior position to our staff team to help level up our power and organization. We’re looking for someone who would:

  • be thrilled to help grow and institutionalize an innovative political project,
  • fit our culture of courageous leadership and playful camaraderie, and
  • share our deep love of people and ferocious commitment to power and transformation.

We are looking for a co-director who would work in partnership with one of our current senior staff people, who would be promoted into co-directorship. We believe that a co-director model is the right fit for our organization because we believe in collective leadership and because we think it creates an opportunity for the current staff leadership of the organization to anchor the organizational culture while also bringing in new energy, skills, and insights.

Women, people of color, and those fluent in Spanish are highly encouraged to apply.

Our Victories, Our Challenge, Our Opportunity

Durham for All is a political home for Durham residents who believe that government should be ensuring the well-being of all people and actively working to address inequality. We are building a new majority 10,000 people strong – a multiracial, cross-class progressive movement led by people of color and working-class people. We take action together at the ballot box and in the streets to win back our government and put it to work — for all of us.

Our work is based on the belief that we can turn the political tide by combining mass electoral engagement, deep leadership development of impacted people, and a new political culture that unites us across our differences. After four years of scrappy organizing and campaigning we’ve seen incredible results:  winning every election we’ve taken on, electing a progressive city council majority and replacing the district attorney and sheriff with people who take a stand against mass incarceration. All of this with a budget of just $230,000. For four years now Durham for All has been shifting politics to the Left in our city by winning elections, developing leaders, and building relationships and power across race and class.

The new challenge in front of us is to connect the lessons and strengths of the last four years to strong membership and organizing systems that bring thousands of new people into our organization and into the political process. We want to shift from being an influencer of existing voter blocks to being our own powerful block of voters and leaders. We currently have dozens of leaders, we need hundreds. We currently have a base of a couple hundred people who take action with us and fund our work. We need thousands to become members. We currently influence thousands of voters. We need to actively lead and engage tens of thousands.

Our staff, board, and leaders are already hard at work experimenting with membership models, tech systems, and fundraising approaches. But as the scale and opportunity of the work increase, we need more capacity and skill on our staff team to develop these structures. This is particularly important as we move into 2020, when North Carolina will be a key battleground between the Trump forces and the coalition of liberals, progressives, and Leftists who want to turn the tide. Demonstrating the power of transformative organizing to move new people into action will be key, not only to defeating Trump, but showing our people that it is possible to win.

Durham provides an enormous chunk of progressive votes in statewide elections, directly impacting the presidential elections as well as crucial statewide offices. At the local level, 2020 will provide an opportunity for us to impact our county commissioner elections, offices that have tremendous power over public schools, public services, and local development policy. All of this presents us with an opportunity to engage more people than usual and to have more impact on local and national politics than ever. To take advantage of this moment, we need to grow our staff team and we believe that a co-directorship is the right way forward.

Qualities We’re Looking for in a Co-Director

Our organization places a priority on recruiting staff and leaders with strong political alignment and key leadership qualities that match the role and the kind of work we do. This is because we believe that skills and competency can be taught, while values, alignment and leadership qualities are more deeply ingrained. Because the work we do is political, fast-paced, deeply relational, and about power, we look for the following qualities:

  1. Politically Clear: You know why building power through elections, issue campaigns, and organizing is essential. You are convinced that racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice are what we need and you lift up the leadership and dignity of working-class people and people of color.
  2. A Leader Who Unleashes More Leadership: You take responsibility for motivating others and coordinating effective collective action, building powerful teams, even in the face of obstacles. But most of all you unleash leadership in others, igniting responsibility and ownership in those you lead.
  3. Interdependent: You bring your best, rely on the strengths of others, and know that we are responsible for each other’s well-being.
  4. Courageous & Determined: You draw from deep values and beliefs so you continue to take action towards goals, even in the face of change, fear, loss, conflict, and uncertainty
  5. Ambitious, Innovative, Relentless: You believe that you and others are capable of greatness and you believe that we can win so when things get difficult you get creative and keep trying and learning until you succeed.

If you fit these qualities, then you’re a strong candidate for the director position because a lot of what senior leaders do in our organization is based in these qualities. At the senior level we do want people to bring in some important skills (which we outline in the next section), but if you have these qualities, then it is likely that you could grow into the skills and competencies.

The Skills & Competencies We’re Looking for in a Co-Director

Our vision of a co-directorship is one where two people share responsibility over four key areas:

  1. Base-building & Leadership Development: This is the foundation of our work and the key task in this period is to experiment with and eventually formalize a system for membership and engagement that can grow to a mass scale of 10,000 plus members and even more supporters. While much of this work would be done by the staff organizers and member leaders, the design and oversight of this work would be held by the co-directors.
  2. Fundraising: This work has been done almost entirely by volunteers in the past. This year we are aiming to grow from a $230,000 budget to a $400,000 budget, primarily by growing our major donor engagement and scaling up our membership dues. Grants are $120,000 of this budget. Our current volunteer board leader for this work will be transitioning in the fall of 2019 and we see this as a role for the co-directors to oversee.
  3. Campaign Development: Campaigns are the ways that we weave together all our work in a way that both grows our people and money and applies them in a specific fight that shifts power. Developing campaigns and designing long-term strategy (linking campaigns over many years) would involve many stakeholders, but would  require both the facilitation and the active design work of the co-directors.
  4. Supervision & Organizational Development: To shift from a scrappy start-up to an institutional powerhouse we need strong support and accountability systems for our staff as well as a formalization of other organizational systems. Co-Directors would be responsible for supervision of all staff and for creating policies and systems for high-functioning organization.

We currently have senior staff who have significant base-building, leadership development, and fundraising experience. We are most lacking in the areas of supervision, organizational development, and campaign development. An ideal candidate would bring experience in each of these areas of low capacity on our current team. But more important than exceptional skill in any of these areas is solid competence in two or three of them along with strong alignment with the culture and politics of the organization. Our current staff is struggling not so much because we don’t have experts in each of these areas, but because they are responsible for too many areas.

Because we think that the division of labor between co-directors should fit the specific people, we are looking to hire someone who can cover 2-3 of the areas above and who would be a good fit with our current staff team.

Benefits & Compensation

This is a full-time, salaried position at $40,000 – $60,000 a year, based on equity, experience and qualifications. We are currently offering a healthcare stipend and are exploring other options for group coverage. The position also includes a small professional development allowance.

How to Apply

Upload a cover letter, resume and references using our online application form. We will be applications and interviewing candidates on a rolling basis until we find the right person.