Javiera Caballero

Javiera Caballero for City Council At Large

Scroll to read about policies and initiatives that Javiera advocates for, and her leadership on the City Council.

 HOUSING: another affordable housing bond within the next 2 years/ Incentivizing developers to provide more affordable housing by offering a conditional, faster pathway to get approved/ workforce housing for city, county, and school workers/ additional resources for eviction diversion through Legal Aid SAFETY: partnership with Durham County and Durham Public Schools for youth programming, mental health support, and societal support / expanding HEART to 24 hour, 7 day a week service citywide/ expansion of Bull City United (a community gun violence intervention program) / having police focus on violent crimes like gun violence

ECONOMY: implementing cost-of-living increases for all city workers/ Using private donations to help cultural workers remain in Durham, despite rising costs./ supporting Latine and other immigrant owned businesses/ A larger Convention Center to increase city revenue and reduce reliance on property taxes ENVIRONMENT: multi-modal transit network: excellent bike and pedestrian infrastructure, robust local bus system, and a regional transit system / a Green and Equitable Infrastructure bond / addressing lead found in public parks by continued partnership with the NC Department of Environmental Quality