Confirm Your Membership

The form below is for those of you who already meet the criteria of membership but have not yet confirmed your membership. For example, you are already a monthly sustainer and you previously signed our 10K Strong pledge.

The three criteria for membership are:

  1. Pay membership dues: a personally significant financial contribution each calendar year.
  2. Agree to our vision: homes, education, economy, sanctuary, and democracy for all.
  3. Live, work, or attend school in Durham County.

This form collects your demographic information, so that we can better understand who our members are and where our membership needs to grow. It’s a way for us to live into our mission of building a multiracial, cross-class political movement let by people of color and working people.

Note: Do not fill out this form if you contributed via our Become a Member page. If you have done so, you’re already confirmed. 🙂