2024 Joint Merger Announcement

We are happy to announce that Durham for All (D4A) and Carolina Federation (CF) have cemented our strategic partnership by merging as of January 2024!

In 2018, Carolina Federation, a statewide organization that brings people together across races to build a new political majority in North Carolina, was founded out of the work and strategic thinking of Durham for All. Since 2019 The Federation has been D4A’s most vital state level partnership through which to share resources, develop shared strategic thinking, and to collaborate on state and federal elections. D4A becoming a chapter of Carolina Federation is thus a full circle moment. 

D4A – Federation Partnership

2019, Foundation: D4A cofounder Sendolo launches Carolina Federation (CF) | 2020, partnership on 2020 elections: D4A members a part of CF’s statewide endorsement process - CF runs canvassing operations in Durham | 2021, D4A: Affiliate of the Federation: D4A members vote to become an affiliate -  D4A participates in The Federation’s leadership training & inaugural convention| 2022, Deepening Strategic Collaboration: D4A a part of Federation’s statewide endorsement process and CF’s convention - D4A and CF do Durham canvassing and mailers - Initial discussions of exploring merger| 2023, From Collaboration to Merger: CF staff D4A’s voter outreach - D4A a part of Federation’s statewide endorsement process and member leadership training- Merger exploration begins

Merger At A Pivotal Time

Progressives in North Carolina are facing an uphill battle in our aim to have progressive governance take hold from the local to the state level. Movements that oppose us are in control of the legislative and judicial branches of state government in an all out effort to restrict or eliminate the rights of working-class people, women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ communities. They are threatening to also take over the executive branch in the 2024 elections. 

Meanwhile in Durham this one party, minority rule threatens to further undermine our ability to raise wages and provide benefits for all workers; undermine our ability to require corporate developers to more adequately provide for the affordable housing and living needs of our residents; and undermine our ability to increase our funding of public schools and public programs by making the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.

The local and state threats we face have also been accompanied by more opportunities for galvanizing those getting politically activated by the crises before us, expanding and deepening organizational partnerships towards growing and furthering our collective impact, and experimenting with progressive governing power in places like Durham.

The merger of our two organizations could not have come at a more crucial time in North Carolina. In 2024, some of the things our combination will result in are:

  • Expanded voter outreach programs in Durham, whose high concentration of progressive voters has the ability to determine the outcome of the Governer, State Attorney General, and other statewide races
  • The development of statewide communications work that will be inextricably linked with basebuilding, electoral, and partnership efforts
  • Increased staffing in key areas across the state where we’ll be organizing Black and Brown residents for wins on local budgets and in the general election

As we continue the fight for a diverse democracy to prevail in the state of North Carolina, having a concentration of resources, politically aligned personnel, and dozens of years of expertise and experience in organizing will prove indispensable for building the progressive political and governing power Durham and North Carolina desperately need.