Economy for All

Unaffordable housing and poverty wages are producing a deeply unequal Durham. It’s time to build an economy that works for everyone.

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We want a Durham where everyone has the resources they need to thrive. Where the wealth generated by our community remains in our community. Where workers are fairly paid and fairly treated. And where decisions about our economy are just, democratic, and equitable. We want a Durham and an Economy for All.

This year we are organizing community members around participatory budgeting, a $95 million affordable housing bond, and a new policy that can give working-class people direct say over how our money is spent on development. Our campaign will connect these three efforts to challenge inequality and democratize decisions about Durham’s economy.

Candidate Questionnaires

Durham For All requested questionnaires from candidates in the following contested, local races. Click on the candidates’ names to see where they stand on affordable housing, living wages, policing & community-based safety, and more.

City Council At-Large

The Issues


Participatory Budgeting

Because of our advocacy and the actions of progressive leaders who we helped power to victory, the Durham City Council allocated $2.4 million of the city’s 2019 budget towards participatory budgeting (PB) — proportionally, the largest PB project in North America!

Participatory budgeting is a democratic process through which our community gets to decide how our taxpayer dollars are spent. Last November, hundreds of Durham residents submitted proposals for projects like improvements to parks, bus shelters, and bike lanes. This May, all Durham residents over the age of 13 got to vote on which projects to fund.

Our neighborhood organizing and mass mobilizing turned out the vote for PB throughout the month of May. And our campaign launch in early May created a collective space to discuss and vote on PB projects.

And we passed our goal! More than 10,000 people voted to decide how Durham will spend the $2.4 million allocated to Participatory Budgeting. We’re so inspired by everyone who voted and helped spread the word about this important first step towards democratizing economic decision-making here in Durham.

People First Policy

Developers receive taxpayer funds called “incentives” for their projects. But do their developments benefit Durham?

We believe that our public dollars shouldn’t pay for developers to have a blank check to change our city. We want community control over how our money is used to support the things that all Durhamites need to thrive: good jobs, affordable housing, and a healthy environment.

Durham for All is in collaboration with Durham CAN, NC A. Philip Randolph Institute, and PowerUp NC to push for the People First policy — a new initiative to ensure development benefits all Durham residents. Let’s put people first!

Affordable Housing Bond

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