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Over the past 4 years, we have built a powerful cross-class, multiracial movement in Durham. We have elected progressive candidates into office and won major local victories to help keep our people out of jail and in our homes, and win access to the resources we need to lead lives of worth and dignity. 

 But these local wins are being threatened by Trump and his far-right allies.  They are attacking us on all fronts—suppressing our wages, defunding affordable housing and healthcare, privatizing education, and locking our people in cages. At both the state and federal level, they are using tried and true tactics of racist gerrymandering, voter suppression, and demoralization to hold back the power of our people. 

To defeat them on the national stage, thousands of us need to make the choice to step boldly into our power. That’s why Durham For All has set a bigger and bolder goal than ever before: to reach out to 17,000 Black, Brown, and working-class people who did not vote in the 2016 elections. If we want to win a democracy for all, we need to organize our communities at scale to bring thousands of voters into crucial races in 2020.


Voter Power In Durham

This year, North Carolina will be a critical battleground for both the Presidency and the Senate, and Durham voters have the power to swing the state. Last election cycle, late-arriving ballots from Durham County won the governor’s race for the Democrats by a razor-thin margin of 10,000 votes. In 2020, voter turnout in Durham could determine who rules our state, controls the US Senate, and wins the presidency.

We know this election is just one battle in a much longer struggle for justice and democracy. Within and across elections, we are building a cross-class, multiracial movement, led by working-class people and people of color, that can win lasting political power for our people. And right now, we have a historic opportunity to bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice. Together, we will defeat Trumpism and win a government that works for all of us.


Statement on the 2020 Primaries


As we focus on building towards the general election, Durham For All has decided not to make endorsements in the 2020 primaries. 2020 is a pivotal election year in North Carolina, and we are scaling up our staff and our voter engagement work like never before. Earlier this week, we announced our new and very first Executive Director, Kaji Reyes-Gertes!

In these first few months of the year, we are prioritizing developing the systems, structures, and leaders that will help us achieve a bold voter mobilization goal for critical races in the general election. In addition to being a presidential battleground, virtually every statewide race will be on the ballot in November — including for Governor, three state Supreme Court seats, the Attorney General, and a US Senate seat that could decide control of Congress. 

If we want to secure progressive wins in all these races, voter turnout in Durham will be critical. But right-wing forces are trying to use racist gerrymandering and restrictive new voter ID laws to hold back the power of our communities — just the latest in a long history of attempts to suppress and depress the vote. Then as now, their goal is to ensure permanent minority rule for wealthy white men by disenfranchising people of color and the multiracial working class. 

The only way to beat their rigged system is by organizing the power of our people. That’s why we’ve set a bold goal of mobilizing over 17,000 Black, Brown and working-class voters in order to overcome racial discrimination and voter suppression and win a North Carolina that works for all of us. 

In order to effectively scale up our operations for the general election, we’ve decided not to endorse in the 2020 primaries. We are thrilled at the number of progressive candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in local, state, and federal races. We’re deeply excited to be building a volunteer- and member-driven organizing model that will help secure big wins for progressive forces in November. 

In solidarity, 

The Durham For All Board

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